Continuing professional development and identifying and developing leadership potential

The PLT are committed to offering a range of professional development opportunities for teachers and school support staff, extending our strong learning culture to schools we work with. These build on our initial teacher training and induction programmes.

 To achieve this, we will:

  • Identify the best teachers and leaders from across the alliance to provide school-based professional development
  • Tailor development to meet the specific needs of our schools
  • Offer coaching and mentoring
  • Evaluate the impact of professional development across the alliance
  • Offer opportunities for formal accreditation or school-based research

We will also develop successful succession planning strategies to identify and develop people to fill leadership positions in the future.

To meet this responsibility, we will:

  • Develop future headteachers to help meet the most pressing national needs in primary, small rural, special, challenging urban/coastal and faith schools
  • Help more women, and leaders from black and minority ethnic backgrounds to become senior leaders
  • Put processes in place to identify potential leaders in areas of need
  • Develop potential leaders within and across our schools
  • Build strategic governance and partnerships in order to make decisions about developing and placing potential leaders

Middle Leader Development Programme

  1. Leadership qualities 8/11/19
  2. 21st Century Curriculum 28/11/18
  3. Creating effective teams 17/1/19
  4. The Impact of learning and the curriculum 7/2/19
  5. Action research project, data and school visits 7/3/19
  6. Inclusion and supporting wellbeing 28/3/19
  7. Leading and sustaining change 2/5/19
  8. Data led improvement 23/5/19
  9. Celebration and presentation 11/7/2019

NQT Programme

  1. Behaviour for learning 15/11/18
  2. Great learning, great teaching to include the learning environment
    Data in the classroom 12/12/18
  3. Marking and feedback/Workload/ Wellbeing 10/01/19
  4. The role of the tutor (Secondary) 11/2/19
  5. Working with challenging students in and outside the classroom 20/3/19
  6. Reflection and celebration 27/6/19

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