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CEO and Accounting Officer

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A Weston school Principal and head of DT have made 50 face masks for use by an NHS doctors’ surgery

by Jill Dando News team

Priory Community School Academy Principal Angelos Markoutsas and Head of DT David Clay spent four hours answering the call of Highbridge Medical Centre who were eager for the supplies.

They both cut the visors to shape and used their school equipment to finish them off before delivering to the surgery.

It came two days after they and WCSA delivered hundreds of boxes of goggles to Weston General Hospital and care homes. TKASA took theirs to a Taunton hospital.

All three schools are part of The Priory Learning Trust.

Angelos said: “We were asked by the local surgery if we could help out. We were delighted to assist and so we made 50 and would be happy to make more.

“Our school is at the centre of the community and this is the very least we can do to help our wonderful NHS.”

Neville Coles Executive Principal of TPLT said: ”This is simply wonderful thinking by David and Angelos.

“Amid all the chaos at this current time I want to say publicly how lucky we are to have such dedicated people in all our schools and academies across the region – all staff working now in our schools are stars and working their socks off to support our NHS and keep some semblance of normality.”


Tuesday March 17th

Good Morning All

Within The Priory Learning Trust we will do everything we can to continue our support for learners and their families.

Our strategy is ‘one day at a time’ – all our academies are fully open today. We must support the NHS at this testing time. Our staff continue to be superb and they continue to ‘go the extra mile’ for our communities.

At Trust-level, we are supporting our academies with information, planning and decision-making and we are trying to ensure a consistent approach. Your first point of contact is your child’s academy as local arrangements will differ slightly according to context and size. Please use email as the main communication channel.

All our academies have been planning in the background for possible closure and the provision of learning resources during any period of closure. This will look slightly different for each school and for different groups of learners according to their age and stage but also because our academies use a range of online tools and resources to support learning so the means of communication and delivery will vary.

We are, of course, concerned about our most vulnerable learners at this time, and how best to support them, whether that be due to medical conditions, additional learning needs, no access to the Internet at home, or any other social or family factors. Please be in touch with school if you are worried about support for your child(ren).

At present, the government’s position is that, for a number of reasons, it does not want schools /academies to close. If you are a working parent/carer, I am sure you will want us to stay open if at all possible. Until now, guidance has been that we can only close an academy if directed to do so by Public Health England. Looking at what has happened in other countries, it seems likely (but even now not certain) that there will be an extended period of closure which may overlap with the Easter break.

However, with the change of status from “contain” to “delay” it is a certainty that our schools are going to have increased staff absence and this may mean that we have to consider partial or full closure in the meantime, regardless of the government’s position. We will avoid if we can.

At present, there has been no guidance to schools or Trusts about this aspect and the situation is changing on a daily basis. We will keep you updated as best we can.

Preparation for SATS, GCSEs and A levels

We know that young people in Years 6, 11 and 13 will be particularly worried because of the preparation they have been doing and continue to do for their important SATS, GCSEs and A levels.

We have no information about arrangements at present and will update you as they become clearer in the coming weeks.

If you have any queries about the impact of coronavirus on schools there is a helpline for questions relating to this which you can access: 0800 046 8687. The opening hours are 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Monday to Friday). Alternatively, you can e-mail: DfE.coronavirushelpline@education.gov.uk.

It has been said many times and in many places that the best protection against coronavirus in the meantime is good hygiene: The importance of regular handwashing for at least 20 seconds cannot be overstated. We will ensure facilities are available in school. Please encourage your child(ren) to do the right thing!

In summary:

· Academies within TPLT are open until and unless the government directs otherwise – our staff have been truly superb.

· We may have to consider partial or full school closure in the meantime if staff are ill or absent through self or family isolation.

· Staff are preparing learning resources.

· Priority will be given to Years 6, 11 and 13 and vulnerable groups.

Thank you for the support in these testing times – calmness is a good way to proceed.


Neville Coles
Executive Principal
The Priory Learning Trust
With thanks to Dave Baker (Olympus Trust)

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