School Resource Management Advisers

The Priory Learning Trust has been working with the Department for Education and the Institute of School Business Leaders (ISBL) to assist in the implementation of SRMAs in the South West and has already supported schools in finding financial efficiencies.

The DfE said “SRMAs are ‘school business experts’ who will use their expertise to help schools and trusts (SAT or MAT) to drive transformational change within the sector by supporting them to maximise their use of resources in order to deliver positive educational outcomes”

We are now working closely with Cotswold Beacon Academy Trust (CBAT), based in the north of our region, to offer either a stand-alone SRMA support service, or as part of a deployment of a National Leader of Education (NLE), enabling schools to access peer to peer support, helping them to review their practice by identifying and advising on strategies with the aim of finding financial efficiencies, deficit recovery and improvement of the business function, leadership and operations.

In partnership with CBAT, SRMAs achieve accreditation by the ISBL and are deployed to schools, identified by the DfE, to carry out a review of systems and processes in order to inform a strategic improvement report that is delivered to the leadership of the school.

For more information about becoming an SRMA or requesting a deployment, please contact:

Emma Gray
Finance Director - Cotswold Beacon Academy Trust
Email - Telephone – 01453 710154 Mobile – 07885 810810